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My life's purpose is to create and maintain a healthy, positive atmosphere, while challenging others to do so in order to improve their self-image, self-worth, and self-actualization.  I want to help you to identify and pull out your hidden treasures so that you can understand your purpose, act on your passion, and realize your dreams.

Motivational Speaker

If I said to you that you can change what's going on in your life by simply changing how you think, what would your response be?


Some of you are afraid of Failure! "I don't ever fail. I just may end up with a different result than I had expected."


"Tired of the same old same old? Even the wind changes directions..."


Sometimes we have to move out of our comfort zones. Your comfort zone may be detrimental to your health."


-A carbon copy is never as good as the original!!


One of the hardest things I had to learn to accept was that I am responsible for where I am today. "Disenroll from the school of hard knocks. Everything doesn't have to be learned the hard way!"


Deanna Moore

Transformational Life Coach

 "It's time to move past your pain into your purpose!"

Deanna Moore 


A Life coach can help! 


You're at a point in your life now that you have decided it's time to live your life. You're asking yourself how do I do that? Where do I begin? What's next for me? What is my passion? What have I not done that I have always dreamed of doing?


If I were to say to you, you are what you think, what does that mean to you? If I were to say that the reason things are the way that they are in your life is because you created it. What would you say to that? 


 I believe you are what you think and your thoughts positive or negative will advance or hinder you from accomplishing your goals and living out your dreams or passions.


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Favorite Quotes

"If the shoe doesn't fit stop wearing it.

Leave your past behind you.  Change your now by planning for your future."-Deanna Moore

"To be different you have to BE different!"-Deanna Moore

"To be Ordinary requires nothing extra of you!"-Deanna Moore 


"Your actions should be driven by INSPIRATION which is enthusiasm and vision working together!"-



Deanna Moore