Inspiration begins with thought.

The Power of Choice, Even in My Shoes

by Deanna Moore (Author)      Shann Hall-LochmannVanBennekom (editor)

'The Power of Choice, Even in My Shoes' walks the reader through the many challenges the author Deanna Moore has faced and has overcome through the power choice and the determination she has to walk in her purpose!


Mrs. Moore's candidness and honesty about life frees her and hopes to free others by looking at the root causes of unwanted beliefs she developed as a result of her life experiences.


The author talks about the steps she took to remove those unwanted beliefs and is now living her life on purpose! Even In my shoes will make you laugh, cry, ask questions, and help begin to open your eyes to your current situation and will help you the reader begin your journey to freedom from whatever is holding you hostage!


She desires that you too will exercise the power of choice, even in your shoes as you begin to make decisions in your life that will catapult you into living your purpose and fulfilling your destiny no matter what!


I Think I Am It's All in Your Mind 

by Deanna Moore (Author) , Eric Nyamor (Illustrator) 

Kristofer Moore (Contributing Illustrator)

Encouraging young people and adults to love and to believe in themselves, to make good choices, and to practice thinking and saying positive things about themselves and others as they aspire to become our future busines leaders and entrepreneurs. Includes a Dream Big Workbook to help them to start dreaming about their futures and to help them to begin goal-setting in order to realize their dreams.